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Saturday, July 20, 2024 | Muharram 13, 1446
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Davis, CA Salaat Times
Saturday, July 20, 2024

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  • Get MuslimFeed Salaat Times on Your Windows Phone 7!

    We've been working tirelessly to bring our service to your mobile phone. Coinciding with the U.S. release of Windows Phone 7, you can now get Salaat & Prayer Times on your Windows Phone. Follow the link below to download the new application.
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  • Coming Soon!

    Although we added some very useful new features to the site during our recent redesign. We have some very exciting new functionality planned and under development. A few of these are: Print Annual Calender, Save Calender as PDF, and Subscribe to Masajid. If you have any ideas you think would make an even more useful and enjoyable site, feel free to leave us feedback.
  • Embracing the Northwest

    There has been quite a bit of activity lately on MuslimFeed coming from the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to the extremely helpful support of some influential members in the community, an effort has been undertaken to embrace MuslimFeed's embeddable Iqama times on masjid websites in the state of Oregon and Washington.